Haaienweek van start

STINAPA Bonaire lanceert samen met haar natuurbeschermingspartners op alle zes Nederlands Caribische eilanden, het drie jaar durende Save our Sharks project.

Het project is een initiatief van de Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), gefinancierd door de Nationale Postcode Loterij. Haaien zijn over de hele wereld in gevaar. Daarom is er besloten dat op alle zes de Nederlands Caribische eilanden inclusief Nederland meer begrip gekweekt moet worden voor haaien.

Bonaire Shark Week programma:

Zaterdag 22 augustus 12pm – 6pm Lion fish (Koraal Duivel) jacht. Einde dag van 6pm – 9pm zal er bij  Kant’i Awa Snack een prijsuitreiking zijn voor de  jagers met de meeste  Lion fish, de kleinste en de grootste. Er zijn dan ook stands met informatie over haaien, muziek en gratis geitensoep. Gaston’s drankprijzen zijn de beste op het eiland dus kom de opening van Shark Week met ons vieren!
Maandag 24 tot en met vrijdag 28 augustus Bij Jong Bonaire worden van 4pm tot 5pm presentaties gegeven aan jongeren over haaien.
Maandagavond 24 augustus In de Capt Don’s Habitat vergaderzaal wordt van 7pm tot 8pm een presentatie gegeven over haaien en het Save our Sharks Project. Dezelfde presentatie zal bij Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino worden gegeven op donderdag 27 augustus van 7pm tot 8pm. Iedereen is bij deze presentaties welkom!
Zaterdag 29 augustus Van 7 pm tot 8:30 pm wordt bij Capt. Don’s Habitat een film vertoond genaamd ‘Shark Waters’.
Zondag 30 augustus Afsluiting van de week in het Wilhelmina Park tijdens de Taste of Bonaire van 4pm tot 8pm met diverse spelletjes voor kinderen, face painting  & tattoos en een heleboel meer. We zijn te vinden naast El Mundo Restaurant.

STINAPA nodigt de hele Bonaire gemeenschap uit om mee te doen aan de activiteiten tijdens deze week.


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Saba Conservation Foundation

The Saba Conservation Foundation is bringing something very special to the island this year, due to generous funding received from the Nationale Postcode Loterij. With the goal to promote the establishment of a shark sanctuary in the Dutch Caribbean, we’ve been busy planning to fill next week, the week of August 24th to 29th, with fun activities for kids and adults of all ages. The event is called “Shark Strong”.

Our oceans cover over 70% of the earth’s surface and contain 80% of life on earth. Therefore, maintaining this ecosystem is crucial to our existence. Sharks keep our largest and most important ecosystem healthy. They are a critical component in an ecosystem that provides 1/3 of our world with food, produces more oxygen than all the rainforests combined, removes half of the atmosphere’s man-made greenhouse gases, and controls our planet’s temperature and weather.

Unfortunately, due to overfishing and slow reproduction, some shark species populations have declined by over 90 percent in the last 20 years and as the number of sharks dwindles, the oceans will suffer unpredictable and devastating consequences.

Saba is known as the Unspoiled Queen and is proud of its conservation efforts. The Saba Bank and Saba National Marine Parks are home to healthy corals and an abundance of fish. Sharks are not only important on a worldwide scale, but they are also important to Saba’s local economy, through fisheries as well as tourism.

On Saba, every week is “Shark Week”, which is why we are “Shark Strong”.

Follows is the schedule of events for next week that are open to the public. We will also be in the Sacred Heart and Saba Comprehensive Schools every morning teaching about shark conservation. You can also find the complete schedule and more details at www.facebook.com/SabaSharkStrong.

Monday 24th August:
Shark Strong Color Run from Saba Electric Company parking lot in The Bottom to parking lot in Windwardside. (Weather Dependent- we will probably move this event to Saturday. Announcement will be made on Facebook)

Tuesday 25th August:
Shark Themed Kickball Tournament for 1st-6th grades at Johan Cruijff Sports Field. (Weather Dependent. Announcement will be made on Facebook)

Wednesday 26th August:
10:30am- 1.00pm
Shark Stanley Day- Travel the world with Shark Stanley! Join us at the Eugenius Johnson Center in Windwardside for a fun filled morning for the kids, full of awesome activities!

Shark Strong Trivia Night at Tropics Café. Gather your team, test your Shark Knowledge, and win great prizes!

Thursday 27th August:
3:00pm – 5.00pm
Shark themed Dodgeball Tournament for the Saba Comprehensive School at Johan Cruijff Sports Field.

Shark Water Screening at Sea Witch Bar & Grill in Windwardside.

Friday 28th August:
5.00pm- 8.00pm
“Sponsor a Shark” Ecolodge BBQ at the Breadline Plaza in Windwardside.

Saturday 29th August:
6.00pm- until
Closing Night Shark Party @ Sea Grape Grill with the Shark Domino Competition. Contact Kai Wulf to register your domino team. Wear a shark costume to be entered to win awesome prizes!

Statia: event postponed due to Danny …


  1. EUSTATIUS–A lot of work has been done at the National Parks Office this week to prepare for the first Statia Shark Week. With funding from National Postcode Lottery, all six islands of the Dutch Caribbean are undertaking a joint regional approach to the global effort to save sharks.

Around 100 million sharks are killed every year around the world through shark finning, by-catch and sheer ignorance.

From August 22 to August 29, the islands, as well as their partners in Holland, will each host their own Shark Week with the aim to raise public awareness of the importance of sharks to the marine environment, our island economies and even human survival.

On Statia, activities will include a “Shark Splash” fun-day at Statia Terminal playground on Sunday, August 23, when everyone is welcome to come in, enjoy the food and drinks on sale, children’s games and family fun with a local band providing entertainment for all.

Wednesday, August 26, will see the launch of the children’s book The Adventures of Shark Stanley at Gertrude Judson Public Library. The book is aimed to educate youngsters about the important role sharks play in the ecosystem.

Superburger will be hosting shark film nights on Tuesday, August 25, and Friday, August 28, where interesting films showing the real story of sharks will be shown.

Shark Week will culminate in a street party on the public stage in Oranjestad for the “Fin’ale Street-Fest.” Prizes will be given out for the raffles and various competitions that will be running all week, food and drinks will be on sale, and entertainment for the crowd will be provided by Jam-Boyz.

“This is going to be a very busy week for us. As well as all the public events we have going on we have competitions, TV shows and radio programmes running all week, giving people information and fascinating facts about sharks,” said education and outreach officer at St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation Claire Blair.

Shark Week will mark the start of a three-year project, which will include more public-awareness activities, education and scientific research. The knowledge gained will be shared with regional decision makers and other island stakeholders with the aim of setting up long-term shark protection throughout the Dutch Caribbean.



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